Finding your own Zen should be a unique, intrinsic experience. At Zen Lounge, there are so many different ways you can discover what peace of mind feels like to you.

“Imbued with Luxury & Elegance” Junaid Iqbal

It’s believed that gold itself is only formed when neutron stars collide, long before planets are formed – so why not join us for an experience as timeless as the universe itself? Here, you can enjoy exclusive non-alcoholic, Gold Emotion 24K champagne, and have your dishes given the golden treatment with pure 24k gold coating or gold flakes finishing.

Recognised for its medicinal properties since the XVth century, gold is now known to enhance wellbeing, both physically and mentally, plus improve circulation and relieve anxiety.


“Infused with Unforgettable Flavour” Anthony D’ Silva

Innovative concepts like this are what Zen Lounge is all about, and we’ve applied the same care, time and attention to everything you taste, sense and savour. From the signature dishes such as Black Cod, and halal meat – meticulously prepared and infused on our robata grill – to creative appetisers served to enlighten the tastebuds.

We also serve sashimi by the boat-load, sides designed to augment your experience, and rich desserts that let you finish your meal with a delightfully sweet flourish.

“Original Thirst-Quenching Taste” Mixology Brothers

Over on our drinks menu you’ll find a selection of carefully crafted non-alcoholic mocktails created by the most innovative minds in the business. Mick and Nick, ‘The Mixology Brothers’, have replaced sake with natural seedlip, mixers with fruits, and combined innovative ingredients like ginger, rosehip and raw apple cider vinegar to create an astounding collection of lip-smacking wonder.

Signature drinks include our very own Zen Spritz, and Zen On the Beach, while you may also choose to indulge in any of our luxuriously rich milkshakes.


“An Invitation to Ultimate Luxury” Michael Dappah

Finally, we also take the 24K Gold Experience to our shisha lounge too. Enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries topped with gold flakes, a glass of 24K gold non-alcoholic champagne, and your favourite flavour of shisha served in a 24K Gold Oduman glass shisha pipe, with a gold flake base – you can even book exclusive use of our VIP shisha lounge for up to 17 people.

At all times in Zen Lounge you are surrounded by incredible, engaging decor, ambient lighting, and friendly staff. But don’t take our word for it – come and experience it for yourself.

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