People sometimes ask us why we’ve opted for Halal-only dining and an alcohol-free bar – but, at Zen Lounge, we firmly believe that we’ve made these positive decisions for everyone.

“Original Decor Designed to Amaze” Angel Pereira

Firstly, to answer the question we’re asked most often, let’s talk about Halal. Regardless of the many different, and not always positive cultural connotations of Halal, here it is about one thing – inclusivity. With Halal meat on our menu, everyone can enjoy our food, regardless of religious background and belief systems. At Zen Lounge we live, breathe and eat as one.

This is what we see as the true, positive philosophy of Halal, which means ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’ in English. It allows us to invite people from any culture to enjoy our menu and soak in the experience.


“Expertly Mixed for Anyone to Enjoy” Sabrina Thomas

Similarly, when it comes to our bar we made a conscious decision not to supply alcohol as if you walk through any town you can see how damaging the drug can be. As more and more people realise the benefit of living without alcohol, and not only during ‘Dry January’ and ‘Stop-tober’, we opted for an alcohol-free bar laced with flavour, fun, and health-boosting ingredients that everyone who visits us can enjoy.

People may ask us ‘why’ we don’t serve alcohol, and why we do serve halal, but we ask ‘why not?’. These simple, progressive choices make our restaurant a place where anyone and everyone can dine, drink and relax in an inclusive environment.

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