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Join us any day of the week for an original journey of flavour, food and experience. With an original combination potentially awaiting you with every visit, we invite you to find your Zen right here.

“Creativity, cooked and served”

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a work event or simply a Friday night, you can give any evening the 24K treatment from the comfort of your table at Zen Lounge. Surrounded by astonishing decor, opulent art and striking features, order a bottle of 24K Gold Emotion champagne and choose to add genuine gold or silver to any dish.

For those new to edible and drinkable gold, you’ll be joining in centuries of its history as a medically beneficial addition to dining – enjoyed for the best part of half a millennium.

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“Incredibly imaginative”


When choosing the options you see on our menu, you can benefit from a carefully curated selection that offers something for everyone. From 100% halal meat, to vegan and gluten-free dishes, there’s an original twist to everything you taste. Order our unique take on internationally renowned favourites, or sample a little something you can only taste at Zen Lounge.

Add sides, anticipate desserts and lavish anything you see on our menu with an edible gold or silver flourish – creating a dining experience you’ll never forget.

“Original Thirst-Quenching Taste” Mixology Brothers

Over on our innovative drinks menu, you can choose from a flavoursome range of non-alcoholic mojitos and Zen mixology cocktails, plus a range of herbal teas, smoothies and milkshakes. You can also enliven your drink even further with a bubble shot or choose from a range of soft drinks, coffees and deliciously fruity juices.

We keep our bar completely alcohol-free and full of health-boosting ingredients so that you can fully experience every single minute of your evening.

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Last but not least, why not sit back and enjoy the 24K treatment in our ultra-relaxed shisha lounge? Savour the taste of 24K Gold Emotion champagne and gold-dipped strawberries, while your favourite flavour of shisha bubbles gently away beside you. Choose your shisha base, brand and head, and get in touch with your Zen.

Groups of up to 17 can book the use of our VIP shisha lounge and enjoy an evening of indulgent splendour and satisfaction to savour.

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